Pedestrian Accidents: Can You Sue The City If You're Hit By A Car?

If you get hit by a car before you could cross the street, a personal injury attorney can go after the driver for careless and negligent driving. But what if the driver accidentally ran into you because something blocked his or her view, such as tree limbs hanging beyond the sidewalk? Can you sue the city for negligence as well? If the attorney finds that the city is responsible for the trees' maintenance, then the answer is yes. [Read More]

Possible Damages For Bad Faith Negotiation Of Injury Claims

If an insurance company denies your claim for no apparent reason, does not want to negotiate or makes an offer much below what it has paid for similar claims in the past, then it is said to be acting in bad faith. If you believe that is what an insurance company is doing for your claim, then you can bring a lawsuit against it. If you win, then you may be given different awards such as those for: [Read More]

Essential Prep Work For Meeting With A Custody Attorney

When there is a dispute between you and your spouse about who will have custody, the only way to settle it is in court where a judge will make the final decision. If your main goal during your divorce is to retain child custody, you will need to work with an attorney to help get the outcome you want. Child custody cases can be difficult and emotional, which is why you need to be well prepared before you meet with an attorney for the first time. [Read More]

How to Prepare for Your Independent Medical Examination

If you make a personal injury claim, then the defense may require you to undergo an independent medical examination. This is almost certain if there are aspects of your injuries that the defense is disputing. The independent medical examiner is a physician who has not treated you before and doesn't have a doctor-patient relationship with you. Here are a few tips for handling your independent medical examination: Dress Appropriately You don't have to dress as if you are going for a job interview, but you also don't want to give the wrong impression. [Read More]